Traceurs (Mirrors edge models)

Ok so can anyone make any more Mirrors edge models, I already have Nexus_Elite’s models (which is Faith and runner bag) but I was wondering can anyone make anymore Mirrors edge models, like Celeste, Jacknife, Merc?






Yea it’s a lot of work, but it will definitely be worth it.

Merc would be the shit.
I would never use any other ragdolls.


I think these models would be really hard to make but if someone does make them then they would be the king of Facepunch.

Ok…obviously noone wants to do this…maybe I should make another thread but just for merc, I also want him the most.

Is he in the demo?

I don’t actually ever recall there being a ingame model for him.

Most of that concept art is old. I know that Merc and Jacknife look nothing like that in-game (though I like these versions better), and Merc doesn’t even appear in-game, only in cutscenes.

It’s been a long time since i played it, but for some reason i have a feeling he appears like…Once in-game…But i could be wrong. The rest of these models would certainly be awesome.

No he doesn’t actually appear except in one cut scene where you see his silhouette.