Tracing a Cone

Recently i have found myself in a need of tracing a cone from the players shoot pos.
I was originally using trace.Hull however i have come to realize that trace.Hull wont work since it is essentially traces a box.

So does anybody have ideas on a good way of doing this.

Does source have a built in function for this?

By tracing do you mean you want to essentially run ents.FindInCone on a specific player and see what it returns?

[lua]function _R.Player:IsEntInCone(ent, angle)
local dot = self:GetAimVector():Dot((ent:GetPos() - self:GetShootPos()):GetNormal())

return dot >= math.cos(math.rad(angle * 0.5))


I plan on using it for hit detection with a melee weapon.
That would work, if it i just wanted to find entities via position in a cone.
However your function would not work if the origin of an entity wasn’t in the cone, but part of the entities hitbox was.