Tracing Entities created on the Client

I’ve run into a bit of a snag with my current project.

I am creating prop_physics entities on the clientside and I then need to be able to hit these entities with traces.

Unfortunately, it seems this is not possible, or hopefully something has to be done to enable traces to hit them.

Here is what I am currently doing on the Client:

local Ent = ents.Create("prop_physics")

And then I will do a QuickTrace right through 0,0,0, also done on the Client (Which would normally hit that entity)

local Trace = util.QuickTrace(Vector(0,0,100),Vector(0,0,-200))

The trace result shows that it hit nothing, however if I then create this entity on the serverside with the exact same code above, it hits it with a trace.

I have tried playing with :PhysicsInit(SOLID_VPHYSICS), :InitializeAsClientEntity(), and various other functions, but none of them have allowed me to trace it.

Is anyone aware of a way to get this to work?

Maybe there is a mask you need to set the trace to in order to hit client entities.

Clientside prop_physics’s doesnt have any form of physics, i don’t think theres a way

Actually you can give them physics.

Correct, and I tried this, which also did not allow traces to hit. I was hoping someone would have ran into this issue before and found a solution, but I suppose the chances of someone making props clientside and then needing to trace them does not occur often.

Maybe try changing the collision bounds?

Tried that as well, did not resolve it.

this is why I want a trace function that will hit models just like bullets do

That would very handy at times like these. I wonder how easily the Tracer code could be reverse engineered to give us this function.

Bullets don’t hit client-side stuff though.

There’s probably some flag or whatever something that you can enable on them.

What about stuff like CSS debris? Bullets will effect those, but traces won’t hit them.