Track Prefabs (turnouts and diamonds)

The collection of tracks used in GM_Star_Pass 1-4 maps.
These are hammer prefabs of mostly specialty tracks, turnouts and diamonds.
Optimized set without all those overlapping brushes I had in the old ones
New designs added
These are textured with the rail texture but due to moving them in hammer the textures will have to be repositioned.
These should save you a lot of time with railroad track building on your maps.

Included: (From top left to right)

Single Slip
Large “X” diamond
Single 90 deg diamond
90 deg single track over double tracks
90 deg double diamond 9double tracks over double tracks)
Double track crossover with “X” diamond cross section
Double track crossover - single
Wide spaced double track start or end turnout
Small “X” diamond
Check track section
Double straight section
Double straight Wide section
Standard turnout
“Y” turnout
32 sided 90 deg curve (wide)
16 sided 90 deg curve (tighter)
Straight single track

special notes:

  1. These were designed for PHX train wheels (Das wheels will not run through the check and wing rails very well)
  2. These were designed from track designs from KCS railroad and BNSF Railroad
  3. The switching blades move on a 3 degree pitch or a -3 degree pitch and like real ones. they should be grouped so you can flip them but you may need to change the pitch on the blades from whats there.

Released by - Melinda - ESN - ElfNet Gaming Las Vegas

Nice work, can’t see myself using them but i expect they will be used in something like train construct maps.

These were stolen from gm_trainconstruct. How dare you!!!
:buddy: Just kidding, great job, I’m sure this will help some new mappers who don’t have the knowledge to create tracks.

nuu it wasnt… train construct lol. Well i do have Daveh to thank for the blade function via door rotation function though. In the future I may redo the check and wing rails.

What are you, daft? These are only going to be used in airplane construction maps! :downs:

lol they were meant for spacebuild you goof!! LMAO

BAH I knew I missed something.

what??? you havent heard of the newest thing? space trainz by Norfolk & Waypal? Cross the universe, overnight by rail!

The Galaxy Railways, anyone?

Anyways, back on topic…

I did mod sb_gooniverse abit and added tracks to move spaceship parts etc.

Op Updated
(its my thread i can bump it if i want to)

Hmm, these could be useful. I might download them sometime in case they are needed. :smile: