Track the total time of a player

Is there a way to track the total time a player has been on your gmod server?

Can someone please post a lua script or something that tracks the total amount of time a player has een online your server?

There you go buddy.

You will require ULib which you can download from the same site.

Is there a way to hide this panel? So that you can only see this info serverside?

Look at the code for more than a second and you’ll see removing or commenting out the part that shows the GUI isn’t that complicated.

If you want to find out the total time of that one particular session, though, just type “status” in the console.

Why don’t you use HLSW? It’s shows everything about all the players in a session and is quite a good admin tool for multiple games, when you create your account and are in the application just follow these setting: In Server list, do Half-Life 2 then in the big bar to the right type in your IP and port and press enter, from there change the view to Administration and at the bottom type in your RCON and press test, all the players will listed to the right with times, locations, steam I.D’s etc. great for hosting multiple servers on the same and different games :slight_smile:

Is there a way to check the players time without them being in game? Say in a .txt file or through a menu???