Track-Thor <-- Get this furious beast from here!

Hello Facepunch. It’s been a while since my last post in here, but I decided to get back in Gmod. Here’s my newest concraption…


Screenie of it unmaterialised

It’s not only extremely capable…

but also extremely Powerful! Each container weights 50K and has its physical properties set to jeep tire.

Look at me, no hands!

Uh, bit of an overkill?


Well, I forgot to adv. ballsocket those wheels properly, silly me! That’s why I recommend you to check spawn at original angles option.

So, that’s it folks! Post your thoughts and tell you opinion!

it needs space between the wheels and some better colors

otherwise it’s good :3:

Wheel-powered? Looks simple but nice. How many props?


It looks nice, but use the color tool to make it not look like someone took a bunch of refrigerators and stoves and glued them together. It doesn’t have to be monochromatic, but try to make the colors match a little more.

I do admit that I failed to materialize and colour it properly, but it could be worse, right?

@ Ldesu: I made wheels to be so close together because they are made to act like tracks, hence the name. It provides thrusterless skid steering which is simple to understand, create and use.

@ Joazzz: Yes, it uses only its wheels for any kind of movement. It’s got total of 40 props if you also count a seat and the wheels.

Thanks for C&C, guys.

‘slip’ steering

I like it, nice and simple but attractive (apart from the colours obviously)

Colouring is fine, pretty soviet. So is the rest, good job.

what’s the map in the 1st and 3rd picture?

no it’s not

Oh shit sorry. :suicide: It looked really similar. I would also like to know what this map is.

It’s modified version of that very same map, duh!

I like it.

link? :v:


right click, properties

Nice detective work Hunta :v: gm offroadhaven… Still can’t find the map anywhere though.