Track train

Hello facepunch I am trying to make a train for an RP map I am making but for the life of me I can’t get the train to line up with the same direction as the path track. I have tried every setting I know and it’s not working I even decompiled the d1_trainstation_0_1d from HL2 to see how they did it but my settings are the same and it still doesn’t work I tried google and facepunch search but nothing came up can any one help or point me in the right direction?

Test Map in game:

Are they prop_dynamics? You need to give us a more detailed explanation on how you made them before asking for help so we can debug your process.

Turn them 90 degrees in hammer. They should then appear the correct way round in game.

yes sorry I forgot to say the seats and train are Prop dynamic and the car’s are tracktrain. The prop’s are parented to the car’s and the train is parented to a brush which is also a tracktrain I tried turning them around to see if it changed any thing but it did not work as you can see form the image below

Is the train only going to move in a linear fashion? If so, you can use func_train instead. The entity isn’t listed in the FGD though, so you’ll have to turn off smart edit to make it, or head over to the VDC and get the FGD data to add to whatever game you’re using.

In the flag settings for the func_tracktrain, tick the “Fixed Orientation” setting.

ARR Im getting there little by little if I put the tracktrain to fixed Orientation then they are facing the right way but when the train go’s around a bend they do not following the track there stuck in one position dam you VALVE how did you do this