Tracking a user's activity on a server - time logs


I have been looking around and I could not track down if such an addon has been made or is being developed. Basically the addon tracks user’s time spent on the server in the past week or however long. It would show how long their sessions were etc.

I see this addon helping communities where admins want to maintain active moderators but keeping track of them with some variation of a time log is not only difficult but it maybe make moderating feel like a job. So an addon that tracks a user’s activity in the past week or so is more comfortable.

it’s definitely possible, i could release this but it’s pretty tied down to the gamemode in some aspects

If it matters, the gamemode i use is TTT. Also with all those random numbers, is that just an example or…? I can’t really make out what those numbers could mean lol.

Most likely the time in seconds.