Tracking shot camera addon?

Hey guys, not a regular poster in the garrysmod section but I have been hard pressed to find at finding the original/similar addon that I used too use before workshop was intergrated and was hoping yall could help out.

There used to be an addon called “Catmun roll cinema camera” or something along those lines that would allow for tracking shots and something called the Hitchcock effect. I was wondering if you guys know any similar ones that are available at the moment or any other neat addons that help with machinimas.

Thanks again! - Catmull-Rom Cinema Cameras

the Hitchcock Effect is also known as a Dolly Zoom which is where the camera zooms out of the shot while also moving closer to the subject of the shot, making the difference in scale of the background and foreground larger (making the room appear to stretch). You could try messing with the camera swep (which can modify the FOV) combined with the catmull-rom cameras to create this effect

Thank you so much.