Aye. The old gasoline tractor was a nasty piece of work.
The sheep in the background looks sinister. Sheep in general does I feel.

ahahsahdhshghdfg holy shit this is fucking amazing

i dunno if i should give you a palette or a funny, jesus christ

Bahahahah holy shit.

This is fucking cool. Really high quality pictures too.

Hey also, where or what is that grass prop from? Looks useful.

It had to be done

I used this grass from the Resistantce and Libiration modification.

“Yeah, you know those tractors, they’ll really burn you up good, huh? Those tractors…”

You gets a funny.

In Soviet Russia, Tractor harvests you.



I didn’t know you could harvest tractors

haha the second one rules

where did you get the sheep

Looks like it’s a…(sunglasses) Combine Harvester.


Brilliance shown in every way.

Thanks for comments