Trade/Merchant guilds

Granted my situation is probably incredibly lucky, but I managed to find a low pop server and got a bit ahead on the tech curve. I managed to get ahold of a research kit, and now I’m bartering stuff I can build for stuff I don’t yet have (so i can in turn research it, and turn a profit.)

Given my ability to provide for a large group of people (a low pop allows me to remain relatively unharrassed, and I have a couple friends who have helped me get set up), I was thinking about using my “wealth” to try and start a town. Specifically, i would equip fellow players with tools/supplies, and we would build a compund that we can fortify and defend whenever the server pop goes up.

My question is this: has anyone else tried this, and how successful has it been? How do you guys govern yourselves? Do you offer bounties for troublemakers? How did you set up your defenses? Any cool/useful ideas you’d be willing to share to help other people get started?

I have done this in many ways on my server. The biggest issue you will have is bandits hitting everyone around you knowing they have weaker buildings especailly if you have a large building to attract them. Other than that it has been very sucessful and creates a great environment because you have both PvP and PvE in the same server at the same time. The more options the better in my opinion.

Many players have expanded out once they learned the ropes so the village almost acts as a training grounds until they are ready to spread wings and take flight.

This was kind of the atmosphere i was going for, and maybe gearing up a militia for defense. I got tired of making no progress on a high pop server when I first started, and now my current server seems to be a refuge for other players with that frustration. I figured, before things get out of hand and pop is still low, we could get an infrastructure for defense/sustain before the bandits start showing up in large numbers.

It has definitely worked for me so far. Just be aware it becomes a responsibility and every time one of your guys is radied they will come to you to help them (especially if you are an admin). It can be mentally taxing to spend all of your time helping others grow instead of yourself, just like in real life. It is very much like growing a garden. If you take care of your seeds they will blossom and in a short time you will have a robust gang of fighters to even further expand the group and do the same for fresh players. In my opinion this is the best part of playing rust. The experience of becoming a real community in the midst of tribal warfare.

I would really like to do this on the server that I am playing on. Do you have any tips on how to get started? I can never seem to get the the point where I can start to provide protection to other players I always seem to be the one needing protection. Are there some general steps that you take when starting out?