Trade system?

Hi, is there a trade system that we can exchange items like blueprints safely planned for the future?

This will never happen because 100% safety is boring and against the developers plans. However, I’m sure there is already a modded server doing this.

Correct, there exist plugins that allow safe player trade.

well I did some trading with a large box and a window. somebody puts the item in, I give him the other item and if he tried to kill me I would have a sleeping bag and my corpse would be too far for him to get.

Would love to see this implemented but with some risk involved obviously. Like maybe u can put an auto shop in your base but there is a risk that it can be raided and the items lost.

It would be nice to be able to setup like a 2x2 small store outside your base where ppl can go and trade automatically with it but with the risk that if somebody raids it they get the items for sale or the items that resulted in trades.

Store owner would have to guard his shop from a distance from raiders. Also there is a risk of buyers getting ambush after trading… This would add another layer to the game

Semi-Joke idea: a sloppily cobbled together trade vending machine. Item goes in, what you want comes out assuming someone else has placed one in. With its slapped together nature, it would be noisy as all hell and thus a wanna be thief might hear the machine in use and make a move. Also, it would have a chance to just explode, destroying itself, anyone in the immediate vicinity of the machine and naturally any items put in. Also, naturally, it could be broken into.

Risk of death and loss of items should always be there but specifically blueprints can be read instantly by a player and diseppear. Even i have 5 guys with me to protect our trade process the item is gone forever. Maybe they tweak blueprint system a little more to fix this problem.

A trade system is needed, but still there must be a risk of betray, of losing ur items etc…

Like i said perfect system would be a stationary vending machine of some sort, where i can offer items for trade and anybody can deposit the items i want and they get the items they need. There would be the risk of the machine getting raided and the risk of the person that traded getting ambush.

I watched a stream of a guy testing some custom mods with his friends on his private server.

He had a self checkout kind of shop. It did work more like a vending machine though… or vending “rooms”.

Different rooms were different things for sale.
You’d put your “money” into a box and then it would get replaced with the item(s) you wanted.

Looked interesting.

Might be the plugin I did called MoegicBox (

You can associate a trade list with a box and when you open the box, the trade list is printed to chat. You just put whatever the price of the item you want in and it will consume the price and give you the item you paid for in your inventory (and any change and/or items that do not correspond to a price). It supports stacks, so say you have a gun for 250 metal frags you can throw 1k metal frags in there and get 4 guns.

This is not a player trade plugin though, in the sense that the items that are sold you to are materialized when you put the price, and your price is just destroyed. The box does not log or keep the items or anything, it’s more of a server-store than anything.

It can be configured to convert stuff. You could for instance trade each 100 metal frags for 1 hq metal, or trade wood for charcoal 1 for 1 (back and forth even within the same box if you wanted).

There is also a recycling mode where items you put in are disassembled and a percentage of the materials are given back to you.

I did this plugin for a friend on Oxide forums and I was running it on my server for testing purposes and my players are in love with it they don’t want me to remove it hehe.

Might be. Dunno. I was just watching and intrigued that he could have a store without being online. He said it was fully automated and spawned stuff as people bought things so if someone tried to raid it, they’d get nothing.

Trading without the dangerous of losing all stuff is boring.

I vote no trading system. If you want to trade with someone, do it in game. It’s part of the ‘emergent gameplay’ thing. people have figured out safe(ish) ways to trade already.

Otherwise, mods are your best bet. I don’ think it would be right to have a trading system in vanilla.

hope spanner doesn’t mind, but it seemed appropriate to this thread. we don’t need a trade mechanic when we can do things like this.

The safest way to trade is a light sabre concealed in your sleeve.