Trade Window System

What does everyone think about adding a trade window for player interaction, much like Diablo 2 style? Having to drop items to trade is not the best option in my opinion.

Yeah, and while you’re looking the trade window the other guy suddenly kills you.


Well they couldnt because it would lock you both into the trade window. I understand where you are coming from, but if someone is going to kill you on sight they will not waste time in a trade window. I KOS frequently unless it is a bambi on my server for the first time. This suggestion is more for players who already trust each other and want to trade without losing loot. I have dropped loot for my buddies many times only to watch it roll down a hill or into a mountain crack to never be seen again. It is just annoying to have to venture to a flat surface just to give a teammate a bandage or food when they are close to death.

Again I see where you have a concern but there is nothing that will ever stop KOS and to hinder the gameplay mechanics just because of the excuse of KOS seems like a bad idea to me. It reminds me of the sniper rifle debate. Somehow people think scoped rifles will make KOS and griefing rise, when in fact it makes no difference whatsoever. The best tool for the job will always be used, with or without a scope.

I do not see how this game can progress if everyone is constantly worried about dying and losing gear. Afterall that is the point of the game.

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PAL, would you care to explain why you think this is dumb? Instead of spamming my posts like a child.

garry has already said on repeated occasions that Rust should not have all sorts of artificial UIs for things like trading and keeping track of your friends. This would create such an artificial interface.

Don’t trade if you don’t trust your trade partner or unless you can kill them if they try and betray you and cheat the trade. Simple as that. This isn’t Steam gifts that are being traded in Rust.

I guess you missed the part where I said the sole purpose of this idea was to stop loots falling through the floor/cracks and being lost? This forum is starting to remind me of WarZ all over again. :slight_smile:

How about you trade on a flat surface? Or request the devs do something to make items less likely to make an escape for the sea. That doesn’t require an artificial UI.

Do you really think we should add a whole trading UI system instead of fixing stuff falling through the floor/cracks?

or maybe they could work on loot clipping into things. you are so arrogant.

Thank you garry for the answer. If you do not agree with a trade system I can understand that, regardless of coding hurdles. Yes fixing that issue would make life easier.

How I am arrogant for asking such a request and your opinions on the matter is beyond me? You need to get a life and stop trolling.

I think it was about the point where you accused me of not reading and compared us to The War Z’s community.

And yet the whole time, your suggestion was superfluous because it assumed that garry wouldn’t fix the problem and would instead cobble together a dumb workaround that goes contrary to his documented vision of Rust. Coding hurdles has nothing to do with it. Artificial UIs that abstract away social interaction don’t belong in Rust.

If you’re going to suggest a solution to a problem, make sure it’s actually a solution. Think these things through.

This was entirely an assumption on your part. I did not think any such of what you just said. I thought it was a decent idea. You have all shown to not like the idea. End of story. To call me names and say I am arrogant for asking instead of demanding is childish and even further you put words in my mouth. I say WarZ forums because this is exactly what happens in such forums. You guys wanna talk shit on each other to feel superior be my guest. I simply wont post here anymore. Of course you will just give the generic response of “Fine leave then”.

I would suggest you find a better community to target garry because if this is what is to be expected on steam release, this title is not going to be much to play on. I very much enjoy Rust and the level of detail that has been put into the game, but if we cant have a civil discussion without throwing shit at each other then it is all pointless and becomes just another DayZ clone.

You clearly don’t understand what this game is about

I rest my case.

Do you not understand what even is? :v:

As you should, this suggestion was horrible. i could list tons of shit wrong with it.
But the main reason i would never want to see it in the game, it would break immersion

Give up. Have you not noticed all the “Dumb/Disagree” ratings you’re getting?

I asked for an opinion and I got it. You can be as fucked up as you want. All I wanted from the start was a simple discussion about the pros and cons of the idea and it is obvious people do not want that, which is fine with me.

You’re actually accusing this forum to be ‘warz’ like, just because we don’t agree with you. Especially when you rate everyone who disagrees with you to be dumb.

The pros are that it’s a cheap and easy way to make sure items are transferred from one inventory to another in a safe manner.

The cons are, that’s a carebear workaround that doesn’t address the actual problem: Items falling between shit on the map. It also goes against Rust’s entire design philosophy.