Trade Window System

Bro look at my first few posts. **I **am the one being flagged as Dumb by the rest of you because you do not agree with my suggestion, not the other way around.

Thank you for giving an actual response. Where can I get a view of where Garry is going with this game and the design roadmap? I hear many people say what Rust is supposed to be but I have yet to see any information other than that it is a “Survival” game. If I had a better idea of where the developers are trying to head then I would know what suggestions do not fit the palette.

this would be a good idea if they have a roleplaying server for trading but if not then no.

Like a foundation or a work bench? lol

I’m not being fucked up…and obviously you wanted more than an opinion…you want approval of your idea. You keep trying to argue your points and keep accusing the game of being too much like WarZ/DayZ.

Seconded. Where does one view this document that shows the ‘grand plan’ for Rust?

You are a fucking moron. I said multiple times that I see you all do not agree and that this idea is not wanted. I am not pushing anything. I said the community is like WarZ not the game itself. Read my posts again and stop making a fool of yourself you twat.

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There is no grand plan, at least not one that has been communicated, there are only bits and pieces from blogs, interviews, and the occasional official forum post. Some folks around here think it’s a badge of honor to beat people down for suggesting anything that doesn’t fit in the loose canon that has been unofficially established.

Some general points:

  • Garry likes the idea of ‘emergent’ gameplay, where they provide mechanisms that spur the community playing into filling the gaps where other games might provide UI’s, for example’
  • They don’t want to provide ways to differentiate players artificially with tags – not knowing who people are heightens the tension.
  • While originally the plan was to be a zombie survival game, plans changed and now the zombies are considered placeholders for some other eventual PvE element (mutants?).
  • It’s widely expected that the modern weapons will either be phased out completely or at least made uncraftable once they have ‘handmade’ equivalents.
  • The community mostly dislikes the idea of any kind of long range, scoped rifles for fear of Rust going the way of DayZ and the Game Formerly Named WarZ. I am not sure myself if Helk, Garry, or anyone else official has commented on this directly.

You can find some direction on the trello page (, but as this is a development work tool, this tends to be fairly code or feature specific, without a lot of explanation of what the purpose of the features will be or how they will work, and there isn’t a lot in the way of a longer term roadmap.

Excellent post. I actually enjoy the idea of keeping it realistic and true to the environment. It definitely adds to the tension and immersion of the game. My only concern is that Rust will become so far from the alpha concept after development that many of the original players become alienated. The PvP RAIDs seem to be the core of gameplay while player interaction is the icing on the cake. As long as the style and feel of the game stays the same I do not think removing modern weaponry would make a huge negative impact. I do enjoy the ballistic weapons and would like them to stay as super rare items, but as I posted above whatever weapon works the best will naturally become the “OP” weapon because it gets the job done. The biggest thing that draws me to Rust and gives me faith in the development is the attention to detail. Everything from the status effects, bleeding, injuries, weapon attachments, sound queues. It is all top notch and on many similar A+ titles of this theme they are lacking. The detail is what gives the game such immersion and enjoyment in my opinion. I am sure the developers are aware of this and that is why it has been done so well. If you compare Rust to most other titles that have been in development for years, Rust still has more features that work correctly and are true to the real life counterparts. In my opinion this is what will take Rust to the next level to beat out other similar titles in sales. The steam release will be very interesting to watch.