trading a steam game for a rust key

i will give some one a game of steam if they trade me a rust key :smiley:

could be any game under £5

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky/crap key thread" - postal))

Under £5 isn’t going to cut it, buy me all of the DLC for this and you’ve got a deal

Why would you think that someone would trade a key for a game that cost under 5£? Next time think before you post. If you want a key I would suggest do something voluntary or what everyone else is doing, wait till the game comes out publicly. :slight_smile:

what one do you want ??


He said ALL


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that edit
[noparse]****[/noparse] is how you do, ctrl+b does it for you

Railworks and all the DLC, then you can have my account

someome beat me to it
fine, 300 copies of Bad Rats

Some rich guy would probly be desperate enough to take you up on that offer…