Trading Card Ideas?

If GMod were to have trading cards - what do you think they should be?

I was thinking they could be historical. Like one with the first ever ragdoll pose? One with the kliener mingebag pose? One representing it going retail?

Anyone got any ideas?

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Zombie with melon.


Sex pose.


The better question is - is it a CCG or simply collectibles?

a box car

It would be for the Steam trading card system. So just collectibles.

I suggest a gm_flatgrass background

It would be great

Something involving a bathtub

The gman in a bathtub

Tool gun maybe?

obviously we need one called mingebag with kleiner on it, that’s like the roots of gmod.

A mingebag in a bathtub that’s on a boxcar in the middle of gm_construct ?? (Shit IDK)


This one in particular.

Must think of a possible caption…

“Your glitches are nothing.” Best my half active brain can think up, feel free to make a better one. Also crop the image down to cut out the timestamp and a fair bit of the space to the right.

Airboat plane.

Bathtub car is a staple part of gmod sandbox, if it’s not added I’ll be surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just a few ideas, please ignore the crappy resolution and poor photoshop skills.

And most importantly…