Trading/Dropping items

Hey guys a much requested feature has made it into the live build.

You can now drop an item into the world to get rid of it or to give it to another player. No more looking for lootable box to trade!
All you need to do is drag and drop the item from your inventory into your view of the world and it will be thrown. You can pick up a dropped item by pressing your use key (E or mouse3)

There is a bug with friction currently where you will see the object slide down terrain slopes. We’re looking into this issue and hope to have it resolved shortly. Thanks

WARNING Throwing items that are not in your inventory i.e. workbenches, lootables will end up throwing an item from YOUR inventory
Avoid doing this until a patch later tonight

Looting a crate, and drag-dropping the item in the crate to drop it in the world, seems to drop the first item in your inventory outside instead.

Whoa thanks for the heads up man! Fixing it now

Edit: Fixed, You can now only throw from your own inventory. This will show up in the new build, sorry about that!