Trading Hub

Just wondering if anyone’s tried making a trade hub on their server, (built an open building where people can meet to trade openly, if people abuse it those people are KOS near the trade hub, etc) what their experience was/how people treated it, as I’m curious about trying it out on the server I play on since the hostile clan that was there finally left the server last night. My Rust-induced cynicism leads me to think that it’d end badly, but stranger things have happened.

There is ways to set this up with current plug-ins. I use Rust Essentials on my server and as such I can setup safezones where players cannot kill other players while in the zone. Buildings also cannot be destroyed in the zone. People in the zone cannot shoot and kill players outside the zone either as to prevent abuse. I believe Oxide also has a plug-in that does this as well.

Thanks for the info! Sadly, I’m not an admin, just a player on someone else’s server, so I wouldn’t be able to set up safeguards. I kinda wanna see how people would treat it in a vanilla setting, see if on a community basis we can get everyone to treat the area like a, “safe zone,” without actually setting up mechanics forcing them to. (Social experiment :p) If I were an admin I’d definitely use one of those plug-ins though!