Trading Steam Dota 2 For Rust Beta Key

Hello everyone,I am realy exited to play Rust But I don’t have a beta key but I can trade Dota 2 on steam for a key!
For you to get the gift you need to post your name down bellow and i will add you I need 2 keys so 2 people will get Dota 2.
In order for you to get the game you need to add me on Steam (Blodi123) and you need to be online wen i am.Then you give me the key and i will test it.
If it works i will give you Dota 2 and you can start playing.Post your name bellow and i will add you so we can trade :smiley:
Have a nice day.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap key thread/didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Read the sticky.

Dota 2 steam keys are worth ~30 cents …

Let me just give a key to a random guy prior to any form of payment. Let alone for a shitty game.
Where are these people coming from?
Go away. Do not return.

You realize Dota 2 is released right

Not even 30. It’s 0.01 on Steam Market.

Some people like it some people don’t.

I’m giving Dota 2 keys for free! Have like 30 or so and never had to give anything for it… why would someone trade Rust key for Dota 2 key? Just a nonsense thread…