Trading system

Hi guys

What about money in the game, as gold for example. Really hard to find in the loots and useful in order to put in place an innovative trade system ?

Many threads are talking about gameplay’s improvment that the sleepers system will bring : Hotels, shops…etc. I think gold would be a really good thing in this system.

In addition, it will push players to interact more…without gunshots.

off topic : The map is now awesome, rocks are really useful in order to hide in front of Kevlar/M4 guys and the servers seems to be more stables. Thanks for your work, and for the awesomeness of the game !

See you on french server :slight_smile:

Currency = dupe = bad. My opinion. There are so many games working with currency. Actually Explosive is a “currency” because it’s the most valuable item atm.

Well we can just shoot