Trading tactics.

I was in game and was looking for blue prints. On global chat I had put that out there. Two guys where like yea ill trade for an M4. I was like OK but its night and i cant see so wait till morning and we will meat. Meanwhile I went down to the trading location put a sleeping bag and box in a wood shack with a gun and some meds. Morning came, I went to the trade area and got murdered and re spawned to still find them looting my bag. I killed both of them and got my SHIT back.

is there a question there? or just telling a story?

Just stating that you can over come some of the bandits janky tactics with a bit of a planing. I don’t have people to play with often so I have to roll solo which suck sometimes on PVP.

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You got your nomination buddy!

not pointless thread at all this guy is stating good tactics, thanks for the heads up.

Good idea mate, Didn’t think of that one lol