I got Infestation: Survivor Stories (WarZ)
If you want to trade for Rust, my steam name is [TBC] ZaBwt.

If this is against rules, lock thread and ill erase it.

Against the rules? How about you stop being a fucking prick and actually read the rules instead of trying to act all innocent and dumb for the purposes of trying not to get banned.
You can’t trade in this forum.
Also, you just literally got warz after trading your rust account and now you’re selling it here?
[sp] Nobody wants that shitty fucking game lmao [/sp]

I don’t want to disrespect you, but what?

the highest forum post in here, right now, is about trading accounts. I have no idea what you’re talking about also because I never traded my rust account. I’ve had WarZ before it was on Steam.

You can’t be serious.

I’m sorry I didn’t know about the rules of this. But I am serious, the most replied post isabout selling accs

This is a little off topic but WarZ is kind of a rip off of dayz get dayz (people might be more interested in trading wink wink)

Are you really referencing your own thread as the highest forum post?


What if Rust’s name was RustZ?

not this one, the other one. this one is not as popular, I’m talking about the one usually on top of mine or below it.

Its obviously a ripoff of minecraft and DayZ.

DayZ invented zombies and minecraft invented crafting.

yeah. and Black ops made fps games.

(Jk, Dayz did not make zombies…)

watch psi’s warz rip off vid it will explain it all the evidence is unreal

still trading it.
if u get warz, ill giv u this little icon on steam chat :3 ( :tradingcard: )

Just saying man good luck

thanks man