Traffic Lights: How to?

Hey everyone. At the moment, I’m making an RP map (no pictures for you… yet… :stuck_out_tongue: ), and for the roads, I was wondering on how to do traffic lights.

Now I understand if anyone thinks: “How the fudge do I describe this?”, because I can understand it’s probably hard to explain. So if you wish, a .vmf example would be great (if I’m not asking too much).

Simple question, quite an answer (if you get that…).


Is it not just 3 lights with logic_timer set for them to change to a different colour at a set time or something ?

Mmm… yes, but I think it requires a bit more than that. Relays are sure to run in.

I think they will have something to do with it, your best bet is to search google or youtube for a tutorial.

Hawx is right. His idea will work; don’t overcomplicate it.

You’re welcome

I’d kiss you but I’m not gay. :lol:

Thanks man. :slight_smile: And you too Hawx (who I was chatting to on Steam… heh heh).


No bother man!

Well I’ll give an idea, two logic_relays for each road going left/right and forward/backward (crossroad hurr) then make env_sprites where the lights are as regualar lights A) can mess with the lightmaps and B) aren’t as easy to see. then make an osculation timer for ontimerhigh to change to one relay and ontimerlow to change to another, yellow lights could be done in the relays via the little “delay” perameter. GodSpeed to you sir.


Wait I’m late.


Mine may work up the ent count a bit but I think it may be a tiny bit tidier. :frown: