Traffic STUFFF

These are the traffic related models I made for my WIP city map.

Important stuff:
>Speed Limit and one way signs uses the same model(use skin switcher tool to switch signs)
>Speed Limits : 1,10,15,25,30,35,45,60,65,70,80
>Use prop_dynamic_override when using them for maps
>CREDIT Francis115(Me) If you’re planning on using them on your maps or something
>EDITABLE PSD Templates Included (Use this Font

I’m open for **REQUESTS


Nice pack, I have something similar, except mines an english style road sign pack.

“I lost my true love all because of a sign that read: ONE WAAAY!” now that thats out of my system, Nice. These would make good props for mapping.

Stop advertising this you already have two threads for it.

I wasn’t actually advertsing the one thread is a release thread and the otehr you mention is an old one for AN OLDER version of the pack. It just got bumped when I posted a link to the new thread. I understand what you might think, but I honestly wasn’t advertising.

Never seen a speed limit 1 sign but cool!

So are you saying that mine’s not english?:0

Awesome! Great work here!

No no, I mean its in the USA format for example: Yours says ‘yield’ which is the american style, and mine says ‘Give way’ like we have in england! And I must say, your pack is indeed very good.

Alright, I’ve tested out the traffic signals and signs in a mini test map with no problems.

What I did notice is that the lights were not illuminated and could not be seen well in darkened areas (I’m sure they are illuminated textures but I must be doing something wrong while using prop_dynamic_override):[/media]

The street signs have a nice reflection when you point a flashlight at them:

I’m not sure how to make the textures light up in darkness, but what I can probably help with is the sequencing of the lights to make them more realistic.

Actually, they’re not self-illuminated, didn’t have time sry

That’s alright, I was just wondering. Do you have any future plans on making them self-illuminated?

I think not, I’m sure someone will, it’s pretty easy

I guess could I try making them self-illuminated, check your PMs. :downs:

Can you make one that says “Highway to hell”?

For the record, Glow-in-the-dark textures are reffered to as Self-Illuminating, and can be created by editing the .VMT of the texture. Simply swap out ‘$VertexLighted’ or whatever is at the top, and put ‘$SelfIllum’.

DANGER WILL ROBINSON! This causes the entire texture to take on a fullbright effect, simulating glowing. So, you may need seperate textures for the light lenses you want to glow, if you have not already.

Yep could do that, using UnlitGeneric doesn’t give good refelections but doesn’t take ligth and shadows etc.

I PM’d Daniel about getting permission to edit the textures, no reply yet. All I’m trying to do is to get the LEDs on the pedestrian signals and the lenses of the traffic signals to be the only parts of the textures to light up.

I’ll see if I can get the lights to sequence realistically like this:


Sorry for the late reply, you could edit everything you want to make it better, just remember to credit me as Francis115.

I’ll try

After reading this tutorial and messing around with GIMP, I think I got a “fair” result with the illumination, but it could use some work. I didn’t animate the texture since I was just testing it out and that it was my first shot at self-illuminating textures.

(Sorry, media tags are messing up for me!)

It lit up the entire texture, even though I was trying to only have the LEDs light up. Anyone else have any information that can help me out?