Trail and error?

This game has a very annoying learning curve. I just want to talk about my first 15+hours I put in just to lose it all to game mechanics (Not raiders).

So I start by finding a nice spot to set up a small base. Then I set it up, supply it and start to learn how to play the game. So after supplying my base and being able to mess around a bit, I get clipped in the leg by a bear trap (not sure how close I have to be to set it off), I then bleed out and respawn in my house. Well I had been messing with crafting and the only wood was on me, so now I’m trapped in my own house unable to make a key to unlock the door, I never placed a cupboard down because my base is SMALL and meant to be unseen/undetectable so now I’m stuck in my house with no way of getting out to reloot my body… scatch that, no way of getting out AT ALL. I can’t unlock the door from the inside? I love the idea of this game but little/big things are so very frustrating and not in the “I’ve been raided” sort of way.

P.S my learning experience has ended for now.

Your learning experience should never end in Rust. I’m at almost 1100 hours and still learn new stuff all the time.

So what exactly are you complaining about here? You made a lock, but never made a key, and thus locked yourself in? That’s not much of a learning curve. Make a couple of keys next time.

I’d love to see that in the killfeed.

“FeelinHawt was killed by unpaired lock (2m)”

Dude, been there. you got 2 options. 1 rock the door, torch the door, suicide, repeat till you break out. or spawn, on a beach, get supplies, and break in

You can make more than one key to each door, make two keys and store one as an emergency key.

PS: you need the key in your inventory to make another key from the lock.

And you learned something from it. First few days I started playing a month or two ago I had no idea what I was doing, me and a friend just felt our way around on a low pop server and got to grips with how stuff works.

120 hours later I’m fairly confident I know most of the mechanics/tips/tricks of the game, with each wipe/raid/etc and new iteration of our bases we progressively got better and we took what we learned from our mistakes last time and applied them.

I think you need to have a certain mindset to enjoy this sort of thing. Some of my friends got burned out really fast after a few bases, but I was eager to keep going and improve the way I played.

Will probably be easier for newer players when mechanics are deemed to be find the way they are and things aren’t so volatile though, that is probably when you will start seeing a lot more repositories of useful information for new players. Month on month tons of information available is outdated or is still for legacy.

Is this guy actually complaining because he learned something?

Kids these days.

Now whenever you see someone more experienced in Rust tell you they never use regular locks, you know exactly why that is and have the personal experience to understand why.

This. “Try, fail, try again, succeed” is the whole point of Rust. I love it.

Wait till you get raided a few times, then come back and share that learning experience

i got raided, and i learned a few things that i will now share with you.

  1. build somewhere a little bit hidden, but reasonably near to resources.
  2. always get a lock on the door asap. oh and upgrade it from wood.
  3. don’t piss off the neighbours as a solo. hell, make them your friends.
  4. armoured 3x3 just attracts raiders, go stone instead.
  5. spikes are very useful. until you walk into them in the dark.
  6. burn furnaces during the day so the light doesnt give your location away.
  7. that guy screaming “i’m friendly” while running AT you is not friendly. kill him.
  8. that guy screaming “i’m friendly” while running AWAY from you is probably friendly.
  9. sometimes it’s better to look newspawn.
  10. fucking bears and wolves…always come out of nowhere when you have a full inventory and low hp.

I can’t fucking believe someone could be locked in their own house

that idea is simply too funny :v:

So u are complaining that u can’t unlock your own door? you are lucky someone never came along and built a block covering you’re doorway as u never placed a tool cabinet.

That’s what I ended up doing after someone told me how to /kill myself. I have since moved to a number pad lock. Thanks for the advice though, only helpful poster! Here’s a black star for you since I can’t give you a gold one * Heck have three black stars for your kindness*** (Not kidding, thank you)

No I am complaining about HOW I learned it

Posters these days.

Like I said in my original post. I was experimenting with crafting so I had used all my emergency wood and the only wood I had was on me when I died… because I carry some extra wood on me to repair my tools. So I died leaving me with a stone and a torch but nothing to make a new key.

@mrknifey(To long to quote) LMAO at number 7 and 8

And lastly thanks to anyone else who posted helpful information. I do love how active this community is, even on the forum.

But you CAN give people gold stars here: :tried: