Trail Gun.


model: Hl2 Pistol
What’s it do: Shoot’s the LOL trail.

if anyone can make this, That would be great thanks. :slight_smile:

Pretty useless thing to make… Just look at any of the 5 second swep prop launcher and apply the trail effect onto the prop it launches. Done.

It may be useless to you but for him it could be what his gamemode is based around.

Yeah, you’re right.

You can simply create a trail with this **[Util.SpriteTrail](**.

So this is how your making your deathrun gamemode… The request section

Here i was thinking that the request section was for people who wanted a thing made for them. It seems more like “Oh that is so easy just make it yourself” section.

Does it matter how or were he’s making it?

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Yes it’s nice for someone to make something without you learning a thing.

But how do we learn then? We don’t.
It is better for him if we teach him rather than spoonfeed.

Yes when he plans to take credit for it

He can take credit for it if he wants.

He may have had people make the code but under the CCL (Creative Common’s Licence) he is allowed to use the script that he requested if the script was not said to be Credited.

He is allowed to make a gamemode with the whole of this board holding his hand, its not killing you so stop complaining.

King`s mad. This is infact my first gamemode,

So if I need a little help by asking people in the help section what is so wrong with that?

Nothing is wrong with that.

King finds the need to complain that people request stuff in the Request section.

I find the need to complain when someone says they are trying to learn when they are not