Trailer for my Series: Dunce Hat Warrior!

Dunce Hat Warrior: The Movie is a 12-part series made using Gmod.

It is based on a 12-issue series of comic books my friends and I made when we were kids.

The story involves a hero who was tricked into killing other superheroes by a villain named Calypso. To right his wrong, the Dunce Hat Warrior will pursue Calypso in this action-packed adventure.

Episodes will be released every Friday.

First episode premiers on March 15.

Along with each episode, its issue of the comic series it’s based on will also be released.

Ross Scott is the narrator, and he will also be voicing some characters.

Check out these websites if you want more info on this series:


It looks… Very mediocre, i mean nice that its a long movie or something but i think it would make more sense if this was just a 5 minute clip.

I know the trailer doesn’t make very much sense, but you’ll see; the Dunce Hat Warrior will get into all kinds of silly adventures as the series progresses, all part of his mission to right his wrong. People may like it, but it may be too immature for many others.

What’s the map at 0:09 and 0:15?

Cs_militia and Drivers Heaven. Militia is included with CS Source and Drivers Heaven can be found in the Gmod Workshop.

I don’t want to make assumptions, but I don’t think that’s what he meant. I’m sure that it has the potential to be funny, and having Ross Scott in it helps, but its incredibly lacking quality wise. It looks like the early gmod idiot boxes, except worse.

A look at the comics that inspired the film!

The original comics were lacking in visual quality as well, these movies were made to share that trait–evoking the terrible drawings–in a funny way :smile: I appreciate being compared to a classic Gmod series, though, thank you :v:

Ah! You have found an Easter Egg :v: That is a page from a remake Logan Hunder–one of the creators of the original Dunce Hat Warrior comic–made, but he decided to cancel his remake. By all means, that page did not inspire the movies.

You can find the first 4 original comics on an old website I started, but abandoned (forgot the password and email) many years ago. Be warned, for those issues are scanned horribly at a small resolution. I will be uploading better-quality, higher resolution scans of those comics when I start releasing episodes of the movie.

So, you’re intentionally making the video look really crappy? I also didn’t compare you to the Gmod idiot box in a good way.

No, it just kinda . . . turned out that way, haha, so I just rolled with it. The episodes may look primitive, but it somehow works well with the wacky story. It was fun bringing these childhood creations to life, though. :smile:
Oh. Well, it’s the thought that counts.