Trailer park

Basically, the shadows are shit because when you make relatively large scale scenebuilds the trickery with lamps goes to otherworldly levels of bullshit.
Spent an unimaginable amount of time turning the lamps until I got to the point where I stopped caring.

It’s a compound where these militia dudes make dangerous chemical things. Slightly inspired by Breaking Bad.

i really like this one!
Slightly inspired by Breaking Bad.
i immediately had to think of Heisenberg before i even read that.
great choice of music. Jesper Kyd is a Genious.

Just needs a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag somewhere and you have a Northwestern United States drug farm

Awesome picture and setup, I like the surrounding area too

Awesome! I’m digging the surrounding forest, reminds me of the trailer park in Alan Wake.

This makes me wanna buy a better computer.

With my meth money, of course.

Looks really nice.

Where can I get the props in the pic?

Everything you can see is from all other Source Powered games, like CS:GO, L4D2 and default HL2 models

How did you get your shadows to look nice?

Everything about this is pretty great, but the thing I like about it the most is that it’s something I haven’t’ seen executed before.

Awesome work mate!

Could you tell me the vehicle props used? I’ve been looking for some with rag-doll doors, ect.

Really good scene build!

Take a look at this tutorial.

I might be wrong, but i see CoD 4/CS:GO-L4D2/BM:S cars in there

Thanks for all the replies. :smile:

I’m glad everyone was just as obvlious as I was first to the unintentionally hidden lamp behind the radio mast. It kinda blends into it not looking out of place. :v:


I didn’t. I just took a poster screenshot and rescaled it to 50% to avoid the serrated edges caused by AA.I just blurred the shadows a bit to make them look less shit.

The van is from Kali’s Black ops 2 vehicle pack, pick up from Kali’s Cod 4 pack and the jeep is from Kali’s Black Mesa pack.
He’s pretty much one of the only ones who ragdolls ‘normal’ vehicles. The model only partially visible on the right side is Chevrolet Tahoe by Lonewolfie. Highly detailed but not ragdolled.