I’m really new to this…I don’t know how to add the trail and make it work. I added it but it didn’t work…
I know its ITEM.Material instead of Model…
Can anyone give me a guide or explain some how?

Also same with weapons. I want to add perm/single use weapons in my TTT server shop.
Last set of weapons didn’t work. Whats the “script” etc? and how can I get them to work?

Thanks in advance

This should have all the documentation you need for basic items.

The variable to toggle for perm/single use weapons is ITEM.SingleUse = true or false

In fact it should be fairly easy to pick up from the example items _Undefined has included with pointshop. I just installed it recently myself and so far I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

I might post examples later if you’re still confused.

Thanks for the site I forgot about it. It’s just when people did buy the single/perm use. It didn’t get put in their inventory(hands). That’s really the main problem I’m having.


you mean weapons?
post the item code, please

I honestly took them off. Because they were not working. So I no longer have the code that was put on it.(I took the code from the pre-made guns) But even the premade guns didn’t work.
found it in recycle bin I’ll post it in a sec

premade pointshop-ready guns?

did you remember to install the gun addons themselves?

hm, i’ll just go ahead and post an example

ITEM.Name = 'SMG'
ITEM.Price = 200
ITEM.Model = 'models/weapons/w_smg1.mdl'
ITEM.WeaponClass = 'weapon_smg1'
ITEM.SingleUse = true

function ITEM:OnBuy(ply)

function ITEM:OnSell(ply)

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this is one of the default weapons; you can easily edit it to give players the weapon you want

what exactly are you trying to give to them?

by premade i meant default.
Well right now I want to add knives/swords and make them perm.
It’s quite difficult to explain for some reason. I know to put the addon there etc. But when I had the examples there when you bought it. It didn’t get put into your hands. They basically wasted their points.

Ok, you’re making it really hard for me to help you here. I have a few guesses of what your problem is but I won’t know for sure until you post the code you were using.