Train Build: Starting To Convert

Hello, I am Mr Parker, a modeler for the Garry’s Mod Train Build Community. I make British trains and rolling stock mostly, yet I must inquire about how easy will it be to bring custom models and textures into S&Box?

As it stands, the standard for making trains for Gmod is to use support of addons like Adv Dupe, PTM, and Sub Material. All of which wont be supported on launch I dont think.

I need help figuring out, is the current way to making railway locomotives for Gmod as easy it will be for S&Box. Im not sure how textures will need too be set up, but texutures will be an issue when it comes time to TB to come to S&Box. Right now I wanna see how well models and features of engines will come into S&Box as they stand and what needs to be changed. Any information on tris limits, material details, and other bits will be extreamly helpful.

Literally just drag and drop, making a model in s&box is nothing special, if anything it’s outstandingly easy.

Materials and textures are not complicated as well, it’s all dumbed down so much that we seriously don’t need the daily “can you import X model in S&box?” question, the answer is always yes.

Yet whats its limiations, as it stand I normally hit double to triple the amount of the tris limits for gmod normally because how large/detailed my models get.

That’s usually a good sign that you should probably consider some kind of optimization if that’s the case.

Tin Can is right, you should optimize them, but at the same time the Gmod default limits were weak AF, in S&box you don’t have such limits, or at least no one has reached them yet.

The issue im having is the model it self is to complicated and high quality. As it stands im modeling 1:1 scaled steam engines, with all their pipe works, rivits, valve gear, and other parts. Its not much the issue off optimiznig, its just the issue is that gmod cant handle the whole thing.

Well then that would make for a good render, but not a good asset, to optimize an asset and make it game-ready, you sometimes have to cut corners.

If you want to make an accurate train model as a showcase or similar then it’s fine, but not particularly good for a gamemode that involves tens of players spawning multiples of those types of models.

Still, S&box and most modern computers should be able to handle most everything you throw at them, it was just Gmod being very old and outdated.