Train Building Competition

This contest is OVER! DO NOT post anymore on this thread!

This looks good and well thought out - I might try to make something for it.

I also want your train ;(

i wonder how many train competitions there have been, but either way there are so many pre-built trains out there

Im on this tommorow I’m gonna make huge weight distribution to give better speed I will give huge speed and massive limits to carridge amounts

PS: mine will be a nuclear fusion and kenetic energy train with realistic brakes


Go back to your compotion thread and stay there.

I have a train in the works… :ninja:


Get the FUCK OUT.

hmm, i may make a train for this, i recently made one that went around 75mph

Weight tool adds some new props? Didn’t know that.

This might be fun, but who’s judging it? If it’s self-judged, what are you going to do to make sure people don’t cheat?

I am judging them, it will be on a server where I can see the trains for myself.


Oh yeah, do you not care for realistic functionality, or are you going to mark down for thruster power?

I don’t really care how they are powered.

Where can I get Engine Mod? I can’t find it anywhere.

Well, our good old friend “dupe rape” and “misclick” just shot about 4 hours of work in the face. I sneezed while parenting and ended up parenting half of my contraption (including the mechanism that allows turning) to… the cow catcher. The dupe has the consistency of jell-o, and it can barely round a corner at a little bit less than sprinting spreed, let alone high velocities.

Here’s what it looked like:

Featuring (lit. Featured):
– Alternating smoke stack puffs.
– See those things in the middle, behind the smoke? They went up and down. It was cool.
– Motherfucking flames, dude. This thing was a hot rod on train tracks.
– See those completely pointless looking shiny wheels on the front? That’s a fucking generator. This thing can power itself and an entire city.
– Room for 5 people, letting 3 of which let their legs hang free!
– Brakes (for pussies).

I went for a unique design, if it wasn’t obvious already. Like the 3rd feature says, I wanted this to be a hot rod on train tracks. 'Cept I got boned by the game, and frankly, I don’t have the will to recreate it. Sure it was only about 4 hours worth, but that’s about the only 4 hours I really sat down and put time into.

Yay Train contest :smiley: Cant it be the 14th Instead? :stuck_out_tongue: Its ok, :confused:

My train will be powered by just wire weight, moving sets of 2 pistols

Since we’re on the subject of propulsion, my train will be powered by the sheer awesomeness of Bruce Campbell’s biceps…

i couldnt help myself