Train help

with all the applyangforce stuff going around, i decided to try and make a train powered by applyangforce. its not hard, but the train wheels keep sinking into the ground on the movable sections of track. its pretty annoying. does anyone know how to stop this from happening?

Thanks in advance.

Try giving it less power, or more weight.

The moveable sections are props. Make sure you haven’t Right_Clicked No-Collide those wheels. Then if you haven’t slow down.

if you have right-click no-collided the wheels, just do that again and it should give them collisions back. Worked for me :smiley:

the problem is I’m hardly moving when they derail. it always happens at like 10 miles per hour. I think i may have to get rid of the applyangforce bit…

Give them rubber physics or jeeptire physics (better) -> so they do not slide all over the tracks making them cave in.
Also, the torque may increase too quickly; trains have vary low torque gain.
May want to limit the actual turning speed of the wheels with (forgot what tool exactly) and put the torque vary high to be realistic.

I actually make mine Glass so that there is a little slip and they don’t bind on turns.

You are using the Full train axle right? Not the individual wheels that fail.

yes, I am using the full axle.

Some maps fail at trains. Might be your problem.

Yeah, I was using freespace_revolution, which is the worst map in the history of the world for trains. My wheels weigh 400 ea now, and its pretty stable. corners at 50 miles an hour now…