"Train leaves in 5! Maximum one luggage item per person!" Refugees leaving City 17


All ingame editing. Don’t forget artistic’s if you like it!

“And please, keep your arms and legs inside the train at all times. Thank you for riding Railway 17!” :v:

Nice wouldn’t of known it wasn’t an edit if you said it wasn’t

As I said on steam, nice.



This is great, the lighting is the most realistic I’ve seen in a Source screenshot.

Pretty cool

Thanks for all the comments, guys.

Pretty nice, but it could be clearer (too much glare and blur)

I have a non-blur version too, if that would be better.



The one with blur is better in my opinion.

I liked it but I gave it a gaybow instead because ratings are stupid.

This is some awesome stuff here.

Hah, cheers :3:

Don’t vote if you think the ratings are stupid, dumbass.

that’s some impressive in game editing.

also im not going on a train if the luggage if the max was 1 per person

There’s a lot of people that gotta get out of City 17. Thus why they can’t bring much packing.

I’ve been “Bliiinded by the Light!”
Nice posing.