Train man being chased

It was hard to get a good camera angle with something this big and not on a crappy map.


Excellent :golfclap:

this is brilliant, at least it’s different from the norm

What, did you say Candlejack or someth

Just kidding, but what’s chasing Train-Man?

A citizen, you can see him in the first pic.

And what a wretched world, Train man only wanted to see what’s there beyond the tracks.

Whoops, all the images went to the imageshack thingy and not the direct link to the image, so I fixed that.

It is art.



Let’s hope this thread doesn’t get derailed.

clap very good, i see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue:
Back on the rails, i really like the pictures, it’s a great concept, and i don’t think it’s been done before!

O.o creative?

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade or anything, but while this by no means a bad picture (I think it’s OK, personally) people have been torn apart for better pictures than this. I’m surprised I haven’t seen any naysaying replies in this thread yet. :geno:

traaaiiinn mannn