Train physics

I have this problem where i fall of a train if i move too fast. According to the laws of physics I should keep on going in the same speed and direction, is there a mod to fix this?

And is there a fix for getting stuck in physical objects?

And last, is there a way to remove the interaction from players to objects so there will be less lag?

  1. Wind
  2. Noclip
  3. Not that I know.

Source engine physics sucks ass and no you cant fix any of those.

Not really.

No such luck. gmod uses a physics engine that was made to make props fall over nicely, not for a sandbox game, and there’s no chance of it changing.

wind? is this some sort of addon or lua?

Wind makes you not stay on top of a train on high speeds. Try it in real life.

Well is there a way to remove wind?

lol no thanks. i thought you were talking about sum sort of mod.

but imagine a train going at 10000000mph…WHOOSH!!! and you now exist as dust in the wind lol

yea just ask god he’ll remove it for you im sure