Train pve threat

A message to garry and his dev team…
I have an idea that u can start working on an armoured train as a pve threat that will do 1 lap around the rad towns in the procedural map staring from the military tunnel, doing 1 whole lapse and if not killed just returning to the tunnel.

How is an armored train going around a pointless and arbitrary loop a threat to anyone that didn’t log out while laying on the tracks?

It’s called Take the train, it stops , you get off to find mutiple bullets awaiting you

Its gonna have machine guns n rockets launchers on it man…

Actually this idea isnt that bad. Would be cool if you could jump on and drive till the next rad and then hop down

Yeah, that would be cool. Slightly faster than walking.slows down in the town’s.

can …can i fight it?

I had mentioned this a long time ago. It would be a transportation method however…
It was believed by majority that it would end up being a hassle. The train would have had a number of stops and if a fresh spawn happened to take it, there would be peeps ready for them at the stop when de boarding…thus ending with a constant KOS situation.
Still…this would be better than cars and horses