Train ticket - a gmod short

my second gmod machinima.

Well, i’d say it is kinda funny. However, your ragdolls need some work, and the in the end you could see the player inside the bus welded to a buggy. Funny movie, and it isn’t bad for a second machinima!

That was quite bad, The hud shows up from time to time, the ragdoll is moved weird
Really, It’s just bad.

thanks for expressing your opinion

I love how demurgatroid rated you dumb.

i dont take it harshly… i mean the guy has been on here since 2005 and hes got 4k posts… hes got some sort of snobby stick up his ass , if you didnt enjoy it thats fine you cant please everyone

Use cl_drawhud 0 and r_drawviewmodel 0.