Train tracks

I want to make my own train tracks, using brushes. Can someone suggest any measurements? I can’t figure out how many units should be between the rails or the boards, and trying to measure it against an train prop doesn’t help.

inb4 black-ice :v:

The fuck…

It’s like two or 3 units, just experiment and see what looks best

So, are they phx tracks?

Experiment? Thats exactly what I’m trying to avoid by asking here ~_~

Spawn the HL2 model train tracks and see what size they are maybe? Also start thinking outside the box?

I’ve tried that, but they turn into a purple box unless I am at the right angle. It really isn’t convinient =_=

Just try 2 or 3 units see if it looks good, also this thread was asking for Black-Ice

Do 4, it just feels right.

Although if you intend to make actual, working tracks, make the rails about 6 to 10 units wide and high. I usually have mine 8 wide and 10 high, but doesn’t stop me using 8x8/10x10 etc

If you want to mess with black ice, make them loook like phx tracks, but very slightly too small.

-snip- why did I post that.

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