Train tracks

So i wanted to have train tracks in my map where sligwolfs trains can drive on. But i could’t figure out myself how to make those train track corners. Could anyone maybe help me out what the best way is to make corners :)?

Unfortunately making train tracks is a bit awkward when it comes to SligWolf’s things. He doesn’t use a common way of making the trains; he uses animated models that run of sliders, so it really doesn’t help with tracks.

That being said…on the workshop Magnum has uploaded a track pack that can be used both in-game and in hammer, just follow his instructions.

In fact here’s the actual thing:

Remember to follow the instructions on the page. They do work with Sligwolf’s trains, but trust me, you will be disappointed unless them map consists of only a single rail. His trains are good, they just aren’t that useable on normal tracks. Especially since Magnum’s train pack has made my life 100x easier and got me back into mapping again recently. It involves normal and narrow gauge, if that helps, and has prefabs for switches and all that jazz.

This should help you immensely; and keeps your brush count low and won’t lag players as bad. :slight_smile:

That looks realy nice indeed! Just one question i see alot of people having issue’s. Is that because the tracks are broken or is that because they did something rong?

P.S thanks for the quick informative reply! :wink:

No problem, I haven’t visited the page in a few days, but had I seen this when you first posted, I would have replied the same :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m not sure; it may be they didn’t follow instructions properly? They work fine for me and such. Make sure you have it set that the tracks show up in both the mapping tools and your game, otherwise you’ll see errors if you compile it and play the map and don’t have it installed for gmod.