Train Tracks?

Anyone have some train track prefabs?

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Do you still need them right now? I can make a couple simple ones (track curve and straight)

Or you can use this guys’ tracks:

i have alot of them, contact me on steam:

I have made models of subwaytracks in propper( only straight one’s though)

and an elevated track

@ evil dude can i have you models pls need it for aprojekt for my map ^^ pls add my to steam i need your models

umm those arent hard to make…

I’ve always wanted to release a track pack but never found the best way to do it since there are so many different styles. Flat ballast, elevated ballast, wood ties, concrete ties, third rail systems, etc

Dude, shit, make that track curve a prop. Can’t imagine the strain you’d give on the source engine if it was all brushes.

Personally, Don’t give your content to him Evilfoxnl, His map is a fullbright map with paper thin walls. I spoke to him once about offering help and was totally given bullshit about how his map is going to be the best and things. I offered to give him my content he wanted, but he said he would give absolutely no credits to me for my content.

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I ain’t being harsh, I’m just stating some information.

Strange you thought something else 4 weeks ago:

And yep its the same map were talking about.

Did I post that… Hmm weird. I don’t seem to remember posting it…

Just thought it was weird.

This is the part where I start touching myself.

Back on topic, you actually posted it. 10th November or something

my double track turns are props. helps alot on compile times and reduces lags in game.

of course u need to make block signalling

All of these pictures of train maps and props make me want to make a railroad map, but I don’t know where to start. Great stuff here!

If you can map or model, make some accessories! :pseudo:

Chairs, lights, all that jazz :v:

Or if you think “That’s pretty shitty, bro.” then get some references on trains and try to make them :v:

But don’t overdo it like I did. I was making a class…52 I think, and I realised it was massive, too big for train tracks. It extended like 1.5 times bigger than it needed to be :saddowns:

train maps can be tricky with rails and wheel flange clearances.
my maps focus more on functionality than eye candy. better to have things working smoothly than not is what i obsess over. sure i can have fancy brushwork and props details galore but do the signals work right? or does the switch blades open and close properly?
best way to make a train map is to make it in sections. get all your mainline stuff lain out then work on sidings and so on.
what was the map where there was alot of neat things but the mapper failed to make buttons non physgunable?

Not all of them

hey hussh you lol
grw is running a map revision from mid November!!

i fixed the major issue with the signals

ok im a be nice and pass these prefabs on, yes i made them, from my brain. Turnouts, a slip, and some diamond prefabs to help you with your railroading adventures. Your going to have to do the functions to buttons or whatever to make the switches work. Also its safe to note the you may have to change the degree pitch in the func_door_rotating on the blades depending on the turnouts physical placement -3 or 3, not more not less.