~heepster feelter~

What’s with the random light lens flare?

Who needs hipster filter when you have gradients and blending options :V

Besides. Thats not enough to be edgy.
Now this is more like it.

Not very interesting.

I kind of like it. The lens flair (though probably not intended to look this way) makes the image look like a screen on a monitor or something.

I do like it.
Might be a lil’ empty, but it’s real pleasing on the eyes.

It has the nice Post-Apocalyptic feel. I like it.

I like trains

Reminds me of almost every single picture I made :v:
It’s beautiful, the dof is kinda wonky though

Aside from that, I like it, very detailed.

this is good

and how is it wonky? care to elaborate?