Training Makes Master

In the light of generic military poses, let’s see if this survives the hysterical non nude policy FP has going.
I trust this would not be to offensive. A nice sword training pose for your consideration. Put some decent work in to the posing.

And this is not a sex pose^^

lol,I just love your persistence in taking your chances and rebelling against the moderators. :v:

If showing tits is rebelling against the moderators, FP is in trouble:quagmire:

This is The Hl2 uprising all over again!

You have destroyed so much, what exactly is it that you have created?

Porn, lots of porn.

Anyway since it’s probably a new unwritten rule I gotta nitpick the shit outta your picture, eeeh, lightning glow seems off in certain areas, like it was cut off of something, and I gotta say the rain looks pretty flat. I mean I know it’s there, I just can’t see it.

Uprising. Well I can picture that if you are fighting some evil dictator. But this does not apply me thinks.
On the barricades my fellow man, and let loose the dogs of war… Because of… Tits.

Does not have the right ring to it^^

That pose looks painful.

Yea I know. Was a bit flat. Should have used different layers, but didn’t.

I’m not a master swordsman or anything, but I’d imagine standing on a high area, in the middle of a storm, wearing flammable clothing, with a large metal object in your hands, is a really, really bad idea.

That is the training. Sword control and fluid movements under extreme conditions. The crackling thunder around you offers no distractions. You are focused. (Insert Rocky themed music here)

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No pain, no gain.


oh my god that aliasing


It’s known as a ‘horse stance’ if I recall from my bro’s kung-fu training.
It’s meant to be painful.
It tests the endurance of the upper legs.
And I can’t do it for more than 30 seconds.

I dunno that has at least some ring to it.

Does this “Horse Stance” also involve breaking your wrist and shoulder?

rasti I mean no offense bby but you are starting to look like ryu-gi to me and that shit dont fly guuuuurl

Not really worth a thread honestly.

Starting to? He was doing elf rape pictures a loooong time ago.

So again. I mean what’s the point of putting a semi nude model with incredibly perky breasts into this picture again.

It’s kinda like all your other pictures you post in here - okayish posing (though in this case it looks more like she wants to take a crap and her wrist is about to snap) okayish lightning, mehish editing and a nude or semi nude model in the middle of an otherwise empty scene.

I think that Rastifan’s thoughts in regards to these poses mean well, except he relies too much on nude and semi-nude females, all the while also bringing up the (non-existant) “no nudity” policy

it’s not so much a “no nudity” policy, so much as a “what exactly was the point of making this picture with the character wearing next to no clothes, when the picture could have been made to the same effect with a character who isn’t showing her chest off?” policy, i.e. a questioning of why all of these poses must contain nude women when they could easily be made without the nude women and still be perfectly fine

I tried to pose myself like that in the shower and the neck alone kinda got me choking.