Training stage

that crotch bulge makes it look like she has a penis

oh wow

im sorry what

That cameltoe is huge…and disoriented.

did she get mangled or is that just classic digitalero sloppiness?

I… I think she actually does.

she’s got a dong, alright.

if thats the case then you got the wrong street fighter

I think it’s rather feasible that Juri has a dick.
Bitch be cray.

Wha-- what the fu–

Why? Why would you waste your time in such a perverted manner, why?

isn’t poison the chick with a dick cause i remember capcom throwing a fit about it

Short version yes.
Long version, so many confusing statements have been made about this that a Capcom representative released a statement saying that in Japan she just tucks her business away but in America she’s post-op.

Hey remember when I said the DE guys are gonna be coming over here?

Absolutely horrible

rated autistic