Traintrack sizes ?

Guys im making a map and im wondering whats the distance between the tracks ?
whats the width of the rails, and how high are they ?

width and height are usually 8, distance is 80

Thanks Dude!

Or you could import the PHX track models into hammer and use those as they were intended

Too many polygons, would cause frame rape if used in any quantity.

True. However, you could always spawn one piece to size your own tracks to.

Someone should bother to make some custom basic track models with better lengths and corner radii. On top of this, they should bother to have some LOD models included so that you don’t lag up when looking in the general direction of the tracks.

When I learn how to model properly, Maybe…

It isn’t hard at all. For something as simple as the rails, you could do it quite easily.

I can model okay, It’s just UV Mapping/Texturing which is a pain in the arse…

Anyways I have that Noesis disc for the modelling so it should help.

Need to get it tiling properly (Sleeper spacing) and make curves then texture it.


Yeah, a great way this could work is that when a track is past 4096 units away from the player it reverts to a LOD model which is basically just a single face-- a rectangle with a transparent rendering of the tracks over it. It would get a little more complex with different shapes of tracks, but not really.


If you can figure out how, bake all the little details and stuff from that high-poly model as a normal map onto a really low-poly model. It will look the same as long as there’s a nice ambient occlusion map and stuff like that, it’ll just run way better. You can even have the materials fall back to a non-normal mapped version at a certain distance-- giving even better performance results without sacrificing visuals.

I think he should keep it with the high poly tracks, but set up correct LODs to make it look good and not lag.

I just found out that the SMD exporter in XSI doesn’t work anymore… What the fuck.

When you get around to curves, rieda1589, don’t make a few archs, make alot so it’s a smoother curve. PHX curves look…not nice.