Trainyard Unloading - News — Rust

The above-ground rail network is now connected up to the Trainyard monument, and the Trainyard has a new tower that can unload certain types of train wagons for loot.

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Awesome update, team! The T1 workbench glitch was bugging me for awhile. The addition of showing plant genetics in vending machines is super awesome and something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time; Now I may sell perfect genes!

Finally fixed the fucking rocks, after what, 1 year of them being completely broken and people complaining every single day?

Hopefully you can also consider adding back the interesting rock formations that you could build bases in and everyone loved, that had no reason to be removed, instead of the current ugly ones that just clutter the map and no one cares about?

Also this molotov makes the flamethrower completely obsolete, you literally have no reason to use the flamethrower ever again.

With the Molotov being added, there are only downsides to using the flamethrower than using Molotovs, adding things like flashbangs and new grenades also makes fighting clans even more gay because they can just all roam with 5 flashes and bukkake on who whoever rolls up, L Update