Traitors - Short Noir love story


I… don’t get it.

thats noir for you

i also just realized i shouldve angled the first panel so that the masked dude was visible

maybe it’d make a bit more sense

Yes it would. I liked it though, even if it didn’t make to much sense.

I don’t get it either, but it’s artsy.

So before the war. They were married or something… Now they’re on opposite sides and they’re gonna kill each other? AM I RIGHT?


Very interesting, but artistic.

It’s pretty interesting, good thing I understood after a while of staring at the screenshot.

Deri pretty much nailed it, the headset guy is the masked guy’s brother, and the bald guy hugging her is the masked guy.

I’ve captioned them but I think if I added them in it might lose* it’s confusing novelty.