Tranquility Underworld Gaming need coder

Hello, my name is Stephen and I am the vice-president of the Underworld Gaming community. You may or may not have heard about this but our gamemode is now in open Beta. We recently lost our main coder and are currently looking for a new coder to help us work on the gamemode. Payment for the coder will be discussed between our president Hades and the coder. You may contact Hades or I via Steam Friends. The SF names are “ompla7” and “bobofoxy123” respectively. The script is currently a deathmatch gamemode but we hope to incorporate RPG elements into it as time goes on. We would prefer that you live in the US but that is in no way a requirement.

Any prospective coders (may) need to know how to…

  1. Save and pull information from an SQL database (Required)
  2. Release updates in a timely manner (Required)
  3. Create a new streamlined HUD (Optional)

Pictures of our current state are below.

sorry if there links could not get them to be pics :confused: thanks to rusty for the photos

your community structure is fucking hilarious

Its a great gamemode just needs a new coder to help it continue development

I would consider helping you, but your sentence structure is so atrocious I don’t understand what the specifics are.

Please clarify it, not just for the sake of me.

being im the owner of the gamemode and stephen is away… basically we need somone who would be willing to help develop our gamemode with a few of the following but not limited to updates…
-trade system
-donator shop
-tallent tree
-gun mods
we are offering pay if required but i would prefer to discuss that in private

This gamemode, is a festering pile of bullshit. It needs to die.

First of all

Your HUD Sucks ass

Your using Customisable weaponary weapon base and not giving leet noob the credit

Your fonts are horrible

Your maps are bad

And your community is shit

I can’t even join your server because your shitty map makes me CTD…

And yet it still manages to be full all the god damn time.

Well Gamemodes like this and Dark RP its what attract Kids

Honestly if you’re not here to take up a job then dont post grow up. Thanks.

When you work on a gamemode at least try to give the people credit for the scripts you stealed

its a free to use weapon pack… its not stolen? lots of servers use it. the gamemode was made from scratch so nothing was stolen

You need to give the credit to the weapon base creator

Don’t mind him. He’s bitter because very few people care about his current project.

Your HUD is fine, it does it’s job for now.
You really should find someone to write your base weapons.
Your maps serve thier purpose for now.
Your community is not something you have much control over. Anyone who cares is better than no one in a gmod project.

I tried giving the admins advice on the gamemode, some pretty good advice too, I found the gamemode really lacking any point or purpose other than just shooting the shit out of each other, so I told him why not have gangs start off in bases and try to capture other gangs bases? Then they continued to tell me that they wanted it to be their own gamemode and said it was too much like base wars, but the owner is obviously trying hard to copy shit from gangwars such as models and weapons. Let it die.

God you kids whine to much just cause i got a popular gamemode you’re jealous of doenst mean whine your ass off on my thread QQ moar. im not copying shit from GWRP i hate GWRP nuff said GG kiddie

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i’m jealous of your grammar.

I don’t see anywhere in that post where made a whine about how your gamemode is popular. He’s not QQing either. He’s making good points and telling us that you chose to not accept them in. There’s some obvious elements reused from GangWarsRP too but it doesn’t make your gamemode any less or more original.

At what point did I come off as jealous? I even offered help I am definitely not jealous.