transfer from toybox to addons?

this might sound pretty dumb but is it possible to transfer your downloaded stuff from the toybox to your normal garrys mod so i can use them in multiplayer and without internet?

You can just download it off

If you just want the props you can create an info.txt in the addons oybox folder.
The downloaded props will appear under Browse -> toybox the next time you load a map.

You do know that not everything that every author on ToyBox has been uploaded to, right?

Actually you can make everything from toybox work without toybox, mostly you just have to edit the code.

Content (models, textures, sounds) is placed in “addons oybox” folder. Simply place it to your main directory or put info.txt into this folder.

Scripts are placed in “toybox” folder and renamed to comply “id_revision.gcf” format. Those .gcfs are not similar to Valve’s .gcfs - as I said, those files are renamed .lua files. To use them, make a folder in “lua\weapons” or “lua\entities”, change name of desired script (ID can be found in address bar when browsing comments/code/users/favourites, best revision is latest) to “shared.lua”, remove the first block of data (containing script ID, uploader and other Toybox-related info) from it and place the file into weapons or entities dir.

Nope, sorry.

I did it using gm_preproc gm_hio and some lua knowledge.

Piece of cake actually.

Ok. Assume I’m a total dumbass who has no idea what you’re talking about–because I am.

Can you give a step-by-step method for someone as stupid as I am to figure out how to do this? Because there are a ton of mods that honestly look like they were intended for multiplayer, but become quite useless when you’re all alone. The helicopter mods are one fine example.