Transfer My Entire Server from port forward to HOSTING COMPANY

Hey so i have created a fully functional Gmod server and was port forwarding it so i could test it and everything is fine, i now want to release so i have bought a hosting service and i am familiar with FileZilla

However my hosting service is not an empty Hardrive in the sky as i imagined it would be, it has a pre built gmod Folders in it, Am i suppose to run my start.bat from my home computer and then it activates the server on the hardrive in the sky?

and why cant i just drag my entire server onto the hardrive and delete the pre built folders, these pre built folders don’t even have a start.bat?

please help

This is what the Hardrive in the sky has, i just want to drop my whole server in, cause i need my start.bat and my cfg files but i cant add my cfg files even into the pre made cfg folder, nightmare!

  1. The server is running linux, a .bat would not work
  2. You purchased a pre-configured server which, trust me, is easier in the end
  3. Get the ftp info and transfer your: lua folder, gamemode, addons, sv.db, and data folder(s). I recommend to connect to ftp and go through such.

You are free to replace any cfg file execpt your mount.cfg as that is something I would recommend you to not touch.

You should have a panel to turn the server on and off.

Perfect answer. SOLVED

But i’m coming from clicking the start.bat to launch my server, how will i start my server, is there something im not understanding or is it permanetly on? without a start.bat

IIRC It’s pretty much the same, create a .sh file in the same directory as srcds_run and in it add " ./srcds_run " (without quotes) then execute your .sh

An example would be something like this:

./srcds_run -console -game garrysmod +gamemode sandbox +maxplayers 32 +map gm_construct

imgur link shows it’s using the generic control panel for jailed user hosting, in most cases, they wouldn’t have shell access

There’s a item in the control panel for managing arguments to launch the server with, with multiple options to choose from as well, including the predefined for custom