Transfering my dedicated server to Xenon Servers

So, correct my mistakes because my server starts but never appears on the list. I added all my addon folders (about 43) to the filebrowser/addons then in the download list folder in the file browser I just made it the same as my orginal server. Copied the files from original to file browser. Then I did the same with the “download” folder. Then in gamemode I put my DarkRP gamemode inside. Then in lua autorun I put my workshop.lua which is for “Fast DL” has the workshop id’s. Lastly I put my downtown map bsp file inside. What did I do wrong in this procces? I honestly mirrored my dedicated server files to the Xenon file browser. I can give you some config file code if you need it. When I start the server it says started but it is not on the list and it says I have no active running servers. Please help!

Try this in your server.cfg

sv_region 255
sv_lan 0

Look at your Console log for anything that might help identify the problem

Paste it here if you are unsure

First problem was switching to Xenon…

If you were trying to go cheap. You should of gone cheap on the dedicated. Datashack(Wholesaleinternet) is one the cheapest in the US. It still would of be way better than switching to xenon.

BlueVM’s highest OpenVZ package costs 1/4th of their top virtual package, and has more bandwidth allowance (only one IP, and the swap matches the RAM though)